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Cost Related Problem
How is the voice charged?
Calls are charged after being connected. The agent is charged based on 60+60, that is, per minute; group call is charged based on 20+20, that is, per 20 seconds. Please consult the staff for details.
What is charging cycle?
A charging cycle is a measuring unit for the duration of a call, of which unit is second. If the call duration is not an integral multiple of the charging cycle, the cost shall be calculated according to one more charging cycle.
Voice Number Problem
Is it necessary to add a country code to the number showed?
It is necessary to add the country code to the number displayed so as to correctly display the caller number. Otherwise, the explicit number will be displayed randomly.
What is the format of phone's calling number?
The format of the call is: country code + local phone number, such as Indian number 91740828XXX, in which 91 is the country code of India and 740828XXX is a local number in India. It is necessary to enter a complete country code and local code.
Why is the number displayed incorrect?
The number displayed is set incorrectly or some countries have restrictions on the explicit number.
Does the number support fixed?
It is necessary to check the operating strategy of the local country. Some countries can support fixed display, while some countries need random display.
Will the fixed number be marked?
We have our own number pool, and fixed number will also have multiple number options to prevent customers from intercepting.
How does the phone dial?
First input the number to be called, which can be clicked on the number keys or copy from the computer.
What to do if sip connection fails?
Check whether the IP added is correct, and the skyline IP:
Check the SIP port number, and skyline the port number is 5060
Check the prefix, and the prefix of skyline group call line is 8855
Check the calling format, and the normal calling format is prefix + country code + local number, such as Indian number 91740828XXX, in which the correct calling format is 885591740828XXX
Voice Call Problem
What to do if the phone fails to dial?
Check the dialing format of the number, and the calling format of phone is country code + local code, such as Indian number 91740828XXX, in which 91 is the country code of India and 740828XXX is the local number of India. The calling format is 91740828XXX.
What to do if the phone is disconnected?
Check the network and open it again.
Will the calls be intercepted?
The variable explicit number we can provide can reduce interception effectively.
Can the call records be viewed?
Log in the client-enter the voice group call-select call records
Other Problems
What is the voice application?
It is a permit to obtain service, and the users can enjoy our voice service only after creating an application.
How long can the recording file be kept?
It can be kept for one month at most, and will be automatically deleted upon expiration.
Where is the recording kept?
Recording for each phone has a recording file, and users can download and keep it in the local space.
How to apply for a phone?
Please contact your customer manager to provide company name and email. The docking service will help you apply for a phone account.
What are Asr (Answer Seizure Ratio) and Acd (Average Call Duration)?
Asr (Answer Seizure Ratio): The ratio of the number of calls answered by the called party to the total number of calls. Acd (Average Call Duration): The ratio of total duration of the call to the number of calls answered, which is used to observe the effect of the call.

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