Seize the Opportunity of Independent Station Construction and Assist in the E-Commerce Trade War

  • Security verification to improve the registration conversion rate

    Provide global stable SMS channel for your product website,verify the authenticity of users and improve account security quickly

    Provide the voice verification code,avoid the loss of new users caused by the delay or failure of SMS messages , and improve the registration conversion rate

  • Propaganda of independent fission to enhance brand image

    Multi channel promotion is adopted to match different user groups and different content scenarios. Sharing links are embedded in SMS content, and encouraged users share click,provide rebate for fission marketing.

    Increase the good image in the user's mind

  • Build private domain flow pool and accumulate user resource

    The platform supports high capacity and high concurrency,helps invite user to your private domain through sincere SMS

    Support high concurrency, AI group call, help you establish multi-channel access solutions via high quality voice call, help enterprises precipitate KOL customers

  • Refined users, personalized communication

    According to the user portrait, the user is subdivided, and then send personalized marketing messages to user according they preferences

    High value customers can use manual agent notification ,mark the users who are not connected and send dedicated script SMS

CRM system intelligent docking, easy to touch with users

  • Customer marketing

    At the right time, accurately send dedicated and personalized promotion information to users, such as mall promotion activities, special price reminders, festival discounts, and timely send order notices to customers, so as to get more profits for enterprises

    Select value customers, analyze their requirement, and recommend products, services and preferential activities that meet their expectations, so as to make your marketing plan more accurate and easier for customers to accept.

  • Order tracking

    Send payment care, logistics care, refund care and other SMS to your customers at the key node of the order, make customers have a perfect delivery experience and improve the order conversion rate.

    Use with CRM , special orders combined with manual voice, avoid bad comments and user refund request, improve user satisfaction

  • Avoid lost

    Send personalized reminders message to user when user add products to shopping cart or forget to pay or hesitate, remind user of they actions and avoid order loss

    Communicate with user via voice and determine their intention when enterprise have important activities,send the participating methods to user through SMS to enhance the service experience of users

  • Recall of old user

    In festivals, member birthdays and other dates,send care messages and preferential messages to old user for improve user participation

    Important user, through voice phone for after-sales service, analysis of old user situation, enhance user relations

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