Reach strategy of multi-scenario intelligent outbound call

Training and polishing from the world's excellent algorithm team to meet different interaction scenarios, identify the personalized service of customers' intentions, improve efficiency and transformation

AI voice


User portrait Data layering

Application scenario

Notice Marketing Return visit

Scenario splitting

Express delivery Promotion notice Points reminder Business processes Birthday care Bill collection Service notice New product promotion Coupon delivery Member marketing User consultation Customer satisfaction survey
Live voice A/Btest Semantic understanding Flexible interaction
  • Support inserting business Q&A at any time
  • Support the manual transfer from the access intent node
  • Support triggering hang up SMS
  • Support intention marking and select accurate customers
Discourse knowledge base
Identification of customer intention
AI voice
Set outbound call time according to users' habits
Automatic group call in batch
Arouse customers,Promote transformation

Human voice interaction

With thousands of hours of dialogue, excellent basic ability of speech recognition (ASR) can accurately understand the user's intention, and through excellent speech synthesis technology (TTS), there is no difference from real person pronunciation.

Semantic/intonation control

The loss rate of each node in the outbound call process can be controlled by adjusting the details such as voice color, voice speed and intonation.

Follow up and confirm according to the user's intention

Extract the user's key information, set the intention node, Further confirmation when the user's intention is ambiguou

Handling of abnormal emotions

Interruption, silence, redial, rhetorical questions and other abnormal situations during communication with customers should be handled calmly to improve the completion rate of the whole process and ensure the smoothness of the call.

Real time translation

The outbound call recording will be automatically saved in the background recording system, and it supports translation into multiple languages. It also supports the transfer of call records to text, so that you can view historical recordings at any time to find and optimize deficiencies.

Real time statistics, data closed-loop

During outbound calls, monitor and analyze the status of outbound calls in real time, generate visual data reports, and constantly improve customer profiles based on data analysis to form a data loop.

In-depth study of vertical industries

  • E-commerce industry
  • New product promotion
  • Marketing activities
  • Follow-up of order link key node
  • Order conversion
  • Customer care
  • User recall
  • Logistics industry
  • Dispatch reminder
  • Pickup notice
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Game industry
  • New game promotion
  • Version update notification
  • Gift bag delivery
  • Promotion of long-time players
  • Complaint handling feedback
  • Messaging APP
  • APP promotion
  • Member event marketing
  • Service opening in app
  • Reminder of changes in membership equity points
  • User experience research
  • Financial industry
  • Promotion of financial products
  • User credit review
  • Notice of house loan
  • Reminder of paying for overdue loans and credit cards
  • Retail industry
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer research
  • Event notification
  • Education industry
  • Course promotion
  • Class notification
  • Course evaluation return visit
  • Insurance industry
  • Insurance product recommendation
  • Verify insurance information
  • Service satisfaction survey

Platform Advantages

  • Global compliance

    Deeply engaged in international communication business for 16 years, cooperating with hundreds of operators around the world, promoting localization of brands, and helping enterprises with the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Stable platform and simple access

    Code package, simple integration, easy to use, BUKA supports the techniques such as large-capacity, high-concurrency, distributed clusters, highly elastic and scalable network structure, supports various channel resources, and enables smart solutions with high volumes up to 100 million sending.

  • Security and privacy

    The platform supports HTTPS/SSL docking encrypted transmission and adopts automatic disaster tolerance mechanism, redundant backup and data desensitization and preservation to protect customers' data security.

  • Efficient service

    Team with professional service , 1v1 VIP service, instant response, help enterprises to serve customers efficiently

Easy and Quick Integration

  • Account Registration

    After registration, the key and key for access to authentication are generated

  • Protocal setting

    Support SMPP protocol, allow API HTTP interface

  • Docking & Debugging

    The production environment for docking and joint debugging is simulatd to help prevent massive unknown problems

  • Production Operation

    Sending tasks is submited and status report is informed in real time

Turn on Natural Voice

Create the wonderful conversation experience